Normal Complexity

420.000 kr

Size: 100x100 cm

Technology: Acrylic and oil on canvas.

The work Normal Complexity is part of a series of works where Birgir Rafn works on the edge when objects are created. The work is done in layers, but the outer layer is thick and playful. Birgir Rafn says that he was inspired by the great Diversity with great effect, which is like the backdrop when people run around according to their goals. It's good to remember that there is more to it than meets the eye. "And that's why it's obviously bright over this work", says Birgir Rafn

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Birgir Rafn Friðriksson

Birgir Rafn Friðriksson - B R F, born in July 1973, was raised in Eyfirðingur, more specifically in Akureyri. He formally started art education in the south of France in 1995, where he claims to have contracted the "bacterium". He soon returned home to Akureyri where he attended many evening courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Akureyri. Birgir Rafn then enrolled in day school at the school and graduated from the painting department in 2001 after four years of study. During his studies he worked e.g. for himself as an illustrator in. . . Lesa meira

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Normal Complexity
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