Terms of Service

Terms of apolloart.is

  1. General provisions

These terms apply to the purchase of a work, product or service on the website www.apolloart.is. The owner of apolloart.is is Ep1 ehf, kt. 5502180460, Engihjalli 8, Kópavogur. For simplicity, Ep1 ehf or www.apolloart.is or apollo art will be reffered to as apolloart.is. The terms define the rights and obligations of apolloart.is on one hand and the buyer of a product or service on the other. If these terms have not been accepted when registering on the Apolloart.is website, they are considered accepted at the first purchase of a product or service.


"Buyer" means an individual who is a party to a contract but does not conduct business or other business activities, ie. an individual who purchases a product or service within the meaning of the "neytendakaup" no. 48/2003. The buyer must be at least 16 years old. "Buyer" can also be a company, but the "þjónustukaup" no. 42/2000 apply then. This Act applies to the legal status of a Party when special provisions of these terms are waived. Apolloart.is sells products or services to buyers on its website. Apolloart.is also offers the buyer to have the product sent to their home or picked up from the seller.


  1. Information and prices

Prices on the Apolloart.is website and in sent emails are published subject to typing errors, typographical errors and image errors. Apolloart.is reserves the right to cancel orders in whole or in part if the product in question is sold out, damaged or defective. Apolloart.is will inform the buyer of all such as soon as possible, and possibly come up with a proposal for another product that the buyer is given the opportunity to approve or reject.


  1. Personal information

The privacy policy is accessable on Apolloart.is website. This privacy statement states how Apolloart.is handles the personal information that Apolloart.is holds about the buyer and what rights he has regarding the information.


  1. Access

The buyer has permission to use Apolloart.is and the services offered there in accordance with these terms and the access restrictions set by Apolloart.is. It is strictly forbidden to falsify name and personal information when registering on Apolloart.is. Apolloart.is reserves the right to work closely with the police in resolving such cases, incl. to provide it with the necessary information. If the buyer is exposed to fraudulent conduct when buying or selling on Apolloart.is, it will be reported to the police. Apolloart.is reserves the right to restrict or block access to Apolloart.is if the buyer is suspected or seller has been found to falsify name and personal information when registering.


  1. Login, order and delivery

The buyer's order on Apolloart.is is binding when he has confirmed his order in the purchase process. Apolloart.is is obliged to process the buyer's order (except in the cases mentioned in Article 2 of these terms) and sends the buyer a confirmation by e-mail. Apolloart.is also sends the buyer a copy of the invoice, ie. if payment is received from the buyer. The buyer is advised to familiarize himself with the confirmation of the order when it arrives. In the buying process, the buyer chooses a delivery method. Apolloart.is makes every effort to deliver the product on time to the buyer and informs him by e-mail and on the Apolloart.is website when a product is expected to be delivered to him. If the buyer has chosen to receive a shipment by delivery services, Apolloart.is is not responsible for the delivery time of the shipment. The post office cannot send large consignments to doors all over the country. Further information about the delivery services can be found on their website.


  1. Product review

After the buyer has received the order, he must first check whether it is in accordance with the order confirmation and invoice. If the buyer believes that the product is not in accordance with the product description, he must send a notification to that effect by e-mail or contact the Apolloart.is customer service. Apolloart.is reserves the right to verify a statement within 7 days.


  1. The contract

By paying, the buyer confirms that he knows the current terms of Apolloart.is. The terms are available on the Apolloart.is website. Each purchase is binding on the buyer according to the terms and conditions of Apolloart.is.


  1. Payment

The buyer can make a payment in various ways:


Credit or debit card: Payment is made at the same time as the buyer registers his purchase. Payment by credit card is made through a secure payment gateway to which the buyer is automatically directed when filling out payment information. When the buyer confirms the information, the payment is debited from the card. You can also take advantage of credit card installments.

Transfer: If you wish to pay by bank transfer, the buyer must transfer to the Apolloart.is account and include a reference / short explanation of the order number. If Apolloart.is has not received payment within two days, the purchase will automatically be canceled.

Netgíró: The buyer agrees to use the Netgíró service. You can also take advantage of installments with Netgíró. Further information on the functionality of the service can be found at netgiro.is.

Aur: The buyer pays through the aur app. Further information on the functionality of the service can be found at aur.is

Pei: The buyer pays with pei. There you can take advantage of a payment deadline or payment distribution. 

Credit: If a buyer has a credit with Apolloart.is, he can pay for an order in part or in full with his credit.

  1. Right of return

Apolloart.is undertakes to deliver to the buyer a product or service for purchase in accordance with these terms and applicable law. The buyer can return the product to Apolloart.is within 14 days, choose a new one or get it refunded in full, with the exception of the products in item 9.1 below. Apolloart.is reserves the right to check that the product is in order and to prevent abuse of the 14-day return policy. The product must be in its original condition together with packaging and unused. Invoice or receipt for purchase is a condition for return of goods. All accessories must also be included with the product.



Gift card 


If a refund is received within 14 days of purchase, according to the recommendation, Apolloart.is will refund the buyer the product in the same way as the customer used for payment - ie. by reversing a credit or debit card, cancellation of a Netgíró claim, depositing into a bank account or with a credit with Apolloart.is which the buyer can dispose of at will in the next purchase at Apolloart.is.


  1. Galli

If a product is defective, Apolloart.is is obliged to offer the buyer a repair, new product, discount or cancellation of purchase. According to "neytendakaup" no. 48/2003, the buyer has the right to have a defective product repaired if we receive a notification within two months of the buyer encountering a defect. Apolloart.is recommends that the buyer send an e-mail or call the Apolloart.is service center as soon as the defect is discovered. Apolloart.is sends back confirmation of receipt of the email. Apolloart.is reserves the right to verify that the product is defective within 7 days.


   11. Liability

Apolloart.is's liability does not entail any restrictions on the rights provided for in "neytendakaup" laws no. 48/2003. Liability for defects in goods is in accordance with the law on consumer purchases and is based on the date of purchase to individuals. In the case of a sale to a company, the defect is defective 1 year from the date of purchase according to the Act on Liquidity Purchases no. 50/2000.


Warranty lapses if a product has been opened or touched upon without the consent of Apolloart.is, despite the fact that there has been an approved party. The warranty also expires if the damage can be traced to ill-treatment or incorrect treatment.


Apolloart.is is not obligated to take care of repairs to products, give discounts or replace products after the warranty period ends. Apolloart.is reserves the right to verify that a defect or failure is covered by the warranty terms within 7 days. If a product is covered by the warranty terms, Apolloart.is is obliged to offer the buyer a repair, new product, discount or cancellation of purchase.

    12. Property rights

The buyer does not acquire the work until the purchase price is paid in full.

    13. Other

Apolloart.is reserves the full right to change the provisions of these terms, provided the buyer is notified. The sending of new terms to the buyer and / or publication on the Apolloart.is website is considered sufficient notification. It is considered that the buyer has accepted the change if he buys a product or service after the notice of change has been issued.

    14. Disagreement

If a dispute arises between the parties regarding the content of these business terms or due to a breach of them, the matter in question may be referred to the Complaints Committee for Services and Liquidity Purchasing at the Consumer Agency. If all else fails, a case may be brought before the Reykjavík District Court pursuant to the provisions of Act no. 91/1991.

    15. Validity period

These terms apply from 3 June 2020.


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